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Thinking back to the beginning of my Second Life made me realize that there is so much that I know now that I wish i would have known so long ago.. back in the days of walking around always looking pissed off without an AO or of looking completely boxy and thinking I actually looked good with my non flexy hair and poorly painted on clothing.  Seeing so many new residents walking around with the same afflictions that I once knew as a dreaded noob brought to mind the idea to do a few tutorials… and so. What I would have wanted to know when I was a noob lol.

Back when I was getting started in Second Life you had very few options for your new avatar and generally when Second Life was having a bad day you would end up as the lovely Ruth, getting to walk around looking like you escaped from a bad hygiene exhibition.  Rumor has it that Ruth was the originally avatar prototype and so that is why you reverted to her when SL was having a hiccup. I personally don’t find this hard to believe with her poorly fitted clothing and caveman like brow.  Luckily those getting started today have way more options available to them than the pioneers of this virtual world had. Several designers have donated to the library that is available to each avatar upon creation and even the original choices you get aren’t nearly as bad as they used to be. However, Cro- Magnon or not there is no denying that if you plan to keep up with the rest of the residents of Second Life you are going to need a bit of a makeover. Luckily this can be done a lot cheaper than in past years  and even free depending on your skill level. I will break this down into 5 parts so you can feel free to pick and choose which of those you want to read depending on what you have already been told or figured out on your own in your time in-world.  Coming up soon will be part one, your shape, which is undeniably one of the most important aspects of your avatar as it is the building block that all the rest of your pixel persona is created off of.


itutu you too

Today… or tonight rather as it’s 11pm on Sunday in Japan actually lol… is indeed a lazy one for me. The long Christmas weekend over and work looming in the distance in the morning I admit I’m feeling less than adventurous tonight lol. To that end I decided to take it easy on myself and explore through a somewhat forgotten ( for me at least, does anyone still use it?) means of travel in the showcase.  While the majority to be found were Christmas-y, which isn’t quite this dead girl’s cup of tea, there was one location that I haphazardly clicked on that sounded at least somewhat interesting.

While admittedly, my trip to the itutu Cafe was in search of noms, I was pleasantly surprised to find that indeed there were noms but also another love of mine… gardening and home decor. Beautifully decorated and adorned buildings are located in the center of the sim full of all kinds of furniture,  ( yes, decorated for the holidays if you haven’t had your fill of pixel Christmas yet :P) surrounded by beautiful trees, plants, and even interactive fallen logs and flower patches.  I easily got lost wandering around  the sim for some time trying not to spend too much money.  While I really want to stay away from shopping sims in this blog I was quite happy to have stumbled on this one as it is certainly a fun place to explore with everything from a secluded beach to trees bursting with lovely fall colors and rich lush flower fields.

So, like, hi! I’m Zom. Many in Second Life know me from either my exploits as an avid role player or my shopping rampages which led me to create the ( in my opinion at least) best alternative shoppers group in Second Life.  Perhaps I’m either big headed or stick to the same circles of people ( believe me it’s probably both!) but I tend to hear a random “hey Zombina!” just about everywhere I go these days. Personally I preferred the days of my anonymity back when I was just another noob wandering around Sarah Nerd’s freebie paradise wondering if this was really all this Second Life that I had heard so much about had to offer. Four years later and I feel as though I’ve done it all, seen it all, and well pretty much exhausted all that Second Life has to offer from fashion blogging to DJing, partying and role-playing.  I’ve owned fairly popular sims and had the opportunity to work with some of the most creative people I have met and made some wonderful friends. However, I am at a point where I simply feel like… what next? I find it hard to find a reason to stick around,and were it any other  game I would have been gone long ago. However, there is something else about Second Life… it’s more than a game but truly an extension of my life. I’m sure some who read this are thinking wow, really?…this nerd needs some help….but there are some things about Second Life that make it so much more than any other game that I have played. For one thing, the friends that I have made here, virtual or not, are people that I would very much miss having around… even if all we do is chat essentially some days chatting with them has really brightened what was turning out to be an otherwise crappy day. There are many individuals that I would have to honestly say I would miss their insight, their sense of humor, or just their personality were I to stop logging into this world and abandon it forever….and so, the idea of this blog came about. The idea to actually go out and find something worth sticking around for, which for me is an easy prospect… exploring. And so I present to you my ramblings and wandering as an old timer in Second Life terms as I hop around to sims that I don’t usually frequent in search of the next big thing .

So, what better place to start than the place that was my start in Second Life.. yeah, my nerd is showing isn’t it? LOL Being a super huge nerd for NPR, and esp. Science Friday as fate would have it I was listening what will be 4 years ago tomorrow and heard of an online world that you could not only make your own avatar and explore but that you could make your own avatar and sit in a virtual audiance for Science Friday and engage in discussion. I was hooked and right then and there went to download Second Life. Well, it was nothing like I was expecting. The discussion was great, but then afterward what to do?  I shuffled my ugly little butt around a few sims, got hit on by a few newbs with their junk attached to their heads ( ah the good ole days lol) danced to some techno and got bored rather quickly.

As luck would have it just as I was about to give up on Second Life for good, writing it off as less interesting than the Sims Online (yeah, remember that one.. standing around making pizza lol) I would stumble across the little rockabilly dive bar called Hellbop and some of the best friends I have had in Second Life to this day. Admittedly I’ve been away for far too long from the little bar that I called my virtual home for well over my first year of pixel life, however returning home as it were was far from a joyous occasion but rather a somber reminder of news that I had just heard a few days before… that one of my friends from there had recently passed away. As I sat in the same spot in the bar that undoubtedly had a pixel ass groove from me for quite some time pondering over the Molly Was Here that would be a certain reminder of her time in Second Life it really hit me how the people behind the avatars really are real. I think at times we tend to forget that.. esp when we are all walking around as whatever we wish, shape shifting in the blink of an eye to suit our mood or desires.  To a point though, I believe that is what makes Second Life so fantastic for me… the fact that we are ourselves only expanded. We don’t have to dream of being a mermaid or wonder what it would be like to fly.. we can, at least in virtual form, do whatever we can think of. Sure, at times this can get scary with the things some people think up lol… but for the most part Second Life is a wonderful place filled with creativity and possibility… even furthering my desire to explore those corners that I have yet to stumble though.